Katmandu Valley, far from just Everest tales

Katmandu is the capital of Nepal, a country located between China and India, and well-known due to the Himalaya’s, Everest as the ceiling of the world and other over eight eight thousand meter mountains like Anapurna.  It was unique just until a few years, 2008, as a hindu monarchy. Now is a republic after suffering more than twenty years of civil war against communist guerrilla which caused hundreds of wounded people and deaths.  In Katmandu lives quite more than a thousand million people (1,4 M.) following mainly Hindu religion (80%), which means “castes” with dhalits in lowest position. It’s worthy to visit Patan, Bhaktapur or a short trekking to Nagarkot. Also, buddhist stupas like the Budnath, very important for Tibetan groups, or the Swayambhuntah, on top of a hill.

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